Say good bye to your grout problems!

    Re-Grouting with Ezy Epoxy

    As we all know, it is only a matter of time before traditional cement based grout starts to discolour, shrink, crack, attract mould or mildew and look old and dirty. The poor condition of the grout not only looks terrible, it allows moisture to make its way under the tiles, causing the tiles to become loose or drummy.

    The good news is, not only is Ezy Epoxy Tile Grout suitable for new jobs, it can be used just as effectively to re-grout existing tile joints.

    When re-grouting over old or dirty grout there are a few things that you need to cover to ensure you get the everlasting perfect finish:

    1. Remove a minimum of 3mm of existing / old grout along all tile joints;

    2. Remove all dust, dirt and grim from all tile joints;

    3. Ensure the tile joints are completely dry before applying Ezy Epoxy;

    4. Apply Ezy Epoxy Tile Grout as per normal instructions.

    There are a couple of ways to remove the old grout:

    • Run a stanley knife along the edge of the existing grout which will cause it to crack and fall away.

    • Grout removal tool as pictured below, can be purchased from Bunnings or selected hardware stores.

    • Bunnings also have a battery operated grout removal tool available.

    • Source a local tradesperson to remove the old grout & install Ezy Epoxy Tile Grout for you.

    Feel free to Contact us with any questions!

    The Ezy Epoxy team.