Say good bye to your grout problems!

    Application instructions

    Ezy Epoxy grout can be applied to almost any surface or area required including pools, outdoor areas & patios, bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, wash basins, commercials spaces, wet areas and more!

    Ezy Epoxy 'How To'

    Battery Operated Caulking Gun

    Application Instructions:

    1. Prior to installing Ezy Epoxy, ensure all tile joints are completely clean, dry and free from dirt, dust & grease.

    2. Load the Ezy Epoxy tube into the caulking gun, remove the cap and screw on the mixing nozzle. Squeeze the Epoxy through the mixing nozzle until the clear fluid has been discarded and the natural colour has come through, excrete a generous amount to ensure thorough mixing of the 2 components has occurred. (Always use a new nozzle when starting a new tube).

    3. Apply the Ezy Epoxy into the tile joint ensuring the tile joint has been filled.

    4. Using the pressing tool, run through all tile joints to ensure the Epoxy has been pressed into the tile joint.
    Leave the Epoxy for approximately 16 hours, then remove the excess Epoxy with the blade scraper.

    Handy Tips:

    1. When using Ezy Epoxy on excessively rough tiles, use the Ezy Epoxy de-bonding agent prior to installing the Epoxy.

    2. When applying Ezy Epoxy where tiles meet a painted surface or metal edge, use masking tape along this surface for a perfect finish.

    3. When using Ezy Epoxy against mirrors or powder coated surfaces, use the timber pressing stick provided.

    4. No need to worry if excess Epoxy is accidentally left on the tile surface, simply let dry and scrape off with the blade scrapper.

    5. No need to rush, as there is an approximate work time of 15 mins before the Epoxy starts to set.

    6. We recommend the use of disposable surgical gloves for ease of application.

    7. Cut nozzle end off on an angle, lower angle to meet tile joint for ideal disbursement.

    8. Keep Epoxy dry for at least 12 hours after applying.

    9. Replace cap immediately after use to prolong remaining product shelf life.

    10. Do not leave full mixing nozzle on the tube for an extended period of time to avoid hardening of the product.

    11. Do not attempt to force Epoxy through a hardened mixing nozzle.

    Applying De-bonding Agent:

    Using the round foam sponge supplied scrape some de-bonding agent on to the sponge, run the sponge along the tile joint in an even manner, then proceed to apply the Epoxy as usual. Having the de-bonding agent applied will prevent Epoxy drying in to small crevices and will leave you with the perfect finish, even with rough or uneven tiles.